If you don’t know why you’re here, I probably can’t help you. But it might be one of those awkward situations when you start by searching ‘shared economy insights’ and end up reading an article about ‘this kid who was a fart on Halloween’. True story. Google it.


I’m Ioana. Geek. Adoptive citizen. Start-up groupie. Executive Creative Director. Joker.

Since you didn’t just increase my bounce rate and you scrolled all the way down here, it means you do know why you’ve landed on this page. Kudos.

Probably, just like me, you’re a geek too.

Just like me, you don’t believe in agencies that innovate by osmosis. That don’t want to challenge their status quo. That believe the old way is the good way.  

You probably believe in solving business problems through creative solutions. And that sometime means creative storytelling, but lately it means more than ever a creative experience.

You believe in data, not because of the buzz, but because of what you can truly do with it.

If that’s why you’re here. Welcome!